Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Visit to San Juan Del Sur Beaches

San Juan Del Sur is a popular tourist destination. It is a coastal city in the Nicaragua on the Pacific Ocean. It is popular because of its spectacular beaches. A visit to these beaches is made easy by the Juan del Sur Hotels.

Many local and foreign tourists visit this place as a vacation spot. It is popular among surfers. Nicaragua is least populated country but it is largest in the Central America. It has become a perfect vacation destination for many tourists. Juan del Sur Beach Hotel lets you have a pleasant at these beaches.

Exploring volcanoes, sailing or surfing, watch the boat or enjoy the climate are the different activities for tourists taking a vacation here. The city is nearer to colonial city Granada and also nearer to the border of Costa Rica. An hour or a two journey is needed from these places. This perfect vacation destination is made easy by the nicaragua beach hotels.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vasa Warship

Vasa is a warship built in the 1620s. It was one of the largest wooden ships built in known history. The ship was built in Sweden with heavy armor and cannons. But it sank on its early maiden voyage even before sailing 2km.

Today the ship is a popular tourist attraction in Sweden. It was discovered in 1950s just outside the Stockholm shipping harbor. It was initially housed in a temporary museum called Wasavarvet. Now the Vasa Museum in Stockholm is built to store this ship.

The ship had technical problems for stability in port. But still the king Gustavus Adolphus at that time ordered it to set sail to join the Baltic fleet for the war.

The ship gave to archeologists the information about the naval warfare, ship building activities and life style of the 17th century Sweden. It was built at a time when Sweden was rising as an international power.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Visit to San Diego

San Diego is a coastal city offering a chance for tourists interested in beaches and ships. Climate is comfortable being almost warm all of the time. Ice is not formed even during winter. A visit to this city can be made easy with San Diego summer rentals.

San Diego is densest in population with 1495 per sq. km. It is home to wireless cellular technology. The company Qualcomm had been founded here with its headquarters. Similar is the company Websense.

Its coastal outline makes it attractive in the night. The beaches and hotels located near beaches offer nice vacation packages. For example a vacation rental can be obtained from San Diego beach house.

The real estate in San Diego is booming. The prices of homes are rising very fast. The median house here costs $600,000. But the median household income is only $48,000. Thus there is a housing affordability crisis in this city. But being the 8th largest city in the United States, the city has not lost its sheen. Coupled with beaches, investment in the city makes a good choice over real estate elsewhere. Mission Beach Investment offers this facility.

Friday, March 14, 2008

San Diego statistics

San Diego is located in California state far away from and to the west of New York. The area this city is 936 while that of New York is 141,000 sq. km. Clearly New York is 150 times bigger than this city.

The population in the city is 1.25Millions much lesser compared to New York’s 19Million. But the density of population is much higher than that of New York. The numbers are 1495 per sq. km. for San Diego while for New York it is 155. Nearly ten times.

A median house in San Diego costs $600,000. The median household income is about $48,000. There is a housing affordability crisis due to fast rising prices in real estate.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A visit to Mission Beach in California

The mission beach in California has many interesting things happening there. There are some tourist attractions around the beach apart from itself being a tourist attraction.

The Mission Beach in California is the largest beach in San Diego state. It has also got its hottest days in summer along with the beach’s flavor for the skin. The San Diego Beach House provides for a rented vacation for those who want to plan a vacation here.

At mission beach the activities are immense. Tourists can do sunbathing, skating on rollerblades, bicycling, skateboarding, Frisbee tossing etc. Mission beach rentals are available for online booking of hotels for a vacation.

The luxurious accommodation provided by San Diego beach rentals and the bars and other things at the mission beach couple together to form a nice vacation for summer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Visit many historical attractions of Madrid

Madrid is not only a modern city it has many cultural and historical influences within the city from its neighborhoods. There are historical architectures still present like the Royal Palace of Madrid, 1850 Opera House in Teatro Real Royal Theatre, many historical museums and Prado museum being one of them is the finest art museum in the world.

The city of Madrid is a capital city of Spain. It is the biggest financial center in the country. Many Spanish companies established their offices within this city. Many government offices are located and thus also becoming a political capital of the country.

There are also many attractive hotels in Madrid for tourism purposes. Now it is easier book accommodation at any of the Madrid hotels before taking a vacation to the city. Many updates or news can be obtained from hotel news.

Prado Musuem

There are some good nature friendly locations around the city. The city is well balanced with nature even though the population is nearly 5 million (quite large for such a city). Learn more about Madrid.

Highest peak in Madrid